Our philosophy is the practice of Holistic integration of Astrology and Feng Shui energy work as alternative complementary therapies to promote optimal happiness and health.

We try to live respecting the laws of Universe. We honor every partnership we build with people who help the human spirit to flourish and support the natural world.

Our ancestors understood true nature of all Illnesses and unhappiness.They knew that all adverse conditions where caused by physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalances. Logically, healing would take place naturally when all of these aspects of life are brought together in balance.


Our mission is to improve what is already available to us, restore what has been abandoned or broken.

We apply this same principle to both physical and spiritual nature of human. We apply Holistic Healing Strategy when it comes to Astrology and Divination.

We do extensive research before recommending any of our partners, service or product to people we serve. This means anything, you find recommended by us on this site was personally tested!

We make sure we only recommend products, that work with your own body’s natural resources for maximum ability to nurture and heal.


We are always open!  
And we have team of experts on two different continents. We work on Skype or via email for simple reports. Browse our site and if you find something intriguing and would like to explore this topic “in person”, simply book any of our services or sent us an email with your request. We will be happy to help anyone requiring help.